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IP Handlers – 2 Years

Within a few weeks, IPHandlers is serving the market of handling Perishables at Schiphol Airport for 2 years.

Many professionals from the flower branche have the positive experiences with our Independent Handlers Company already.

Independent as IPHandlers is not related to any agent in the countries of the buyers or wholesalers. This benefit makes the logistic chain more transparent, competitive and insure the integrity to all members in the chain.

We understand, changes in a sensitive cooperation have to be taken carefully .

It looks the handling is only a small part of the transport. We realize, all steps are most elementary related. The team of IPHandlers has the experiences, the professional attitude to improve the supply chain by personal attention as direct and short communication lines. But more, its in our standard to refresh your flowers in one of our vacuum coolers, we handle your product with care and your driver is our guest.

To experience our personal attention, our professional attitude and to show you our facilities we proudly invite you to visit our company at Aalsmeer.

Don’t hesitate, be sure you can contact and visit us without any obligation.

We like to welcome you, we arrange transport from your hotel and after your IPHandlers visit we take care to drop you on your next address on your tour.

Take the challenge to improve your business by contacting our team.

Email   :

Mobile : +31 611793466

Phone  : +31 297 747 200