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IFTF 2016 Holland review

IFTF 2016 Holland review


Mark Loos


Mark Loos tijdens IFTF 2016

Report Williee Armellini –

I was honored to have the opportunity to cover this great Trade fair in Vijfhuizen, Holland. The first thing you have to learn is how to pronounce Vijfhuizen which translates into “five houses”. While I did not see them there was a large building filled with flowers, people and optimism.


First and foremost this is a trade fair and not simply a floral exhibition.


There were actually two trade fairs going on simultaneously; the IFTF hosted by HPP and the other by Royal Flora Holland at the Aalsmeer auction house. The IFTF organized specifically for breeders and suppliers and the Flora Holland fair exhibitors are members of the Auction and mostly farmers. Many breeders had stands in both events. These shows are specifically labeled and promoted as trade fairs and not floral exhibitions. The difference is that vendors expect that buyers are coming to place orders, not just to see what the latest offers are.  At floral exhibitions vendors and breeders are showing whats new and about to be go into production if the market reaction is positive.


The good folks at HPP put on a great show with lots of exhibitors and a friendly business atmosphere.  We understand that attendance at both shows was down a bit over last year due to the dates being to close to All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Both show organizers have now agreed to move the 2017 dates forward one week so that there are no conflicts.

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